Kuwo (CN) Music VIP Membership

Kuwo (CN) Music VIP Membership

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Kuwo (CN) Music VIP Membership - Kuwo (CN) Music 1 Month Luxury VIP
Kuwo (CN) Music 1 Month Luxury VIP
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About Kuwo Music

Kuwo is an app from Beijing which solves Chinese netizens’ demand for music listening. It calls that it has all of Chinese music and has the fastest speed of its update. So if people need to find the latest song in China like the ones from music shows such as “I am a Singer” or “The voice of China”, Kuwo is a good bet.

Kuwo has a focus on KTV streaming and even hosts KTV tournaments, engaging its users with cash rewards. It also manages a video streaming platform and broadcasts video content. However, the video content is usually bordering on trashy and does not suit a lot with the trend among young chinese people nowadays.

For the appearance, Kuwo has a neat slick interface to increase the general ease of use. Kuwo need Client software, it has a PC version and is also mobile-friendly. If you want to listen a song, you must download the Kuwo software first.

The app has 107.72 million MAU and like other apps, it offers song purchases and subscription. Kuwo is also trying to make money with in-app gaming and promotes its own brand of headphones and speakers (which are not very popular). There is a “Kuwo Headphones” section on its website where you can get the access to its Tmall store directly by clicking on it.

How to buy Kuwo (CN) Music Luxury VIP Membership

  1. Please select the Kuwo Music Luxury Membership Package you wish to purchase.
  2. Enter your Kuwo ID account or Phone Number. (Note: This membership subscriptions does not support third-party login accounts such as WeChat, QQ, etc.)
  3. Proceed to payment and select your payment method.
  4. After payment is completed, the luxury VIP status of your Kuwo account will be activated shortly.